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Panic Beach
Testo della canzone

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Copertina di Maria McKee - Panic Beach

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Well, the dog act got drunk again last nightThe king and queen of the waltz clog team had another fightThe king was careless with his tango gripNearly lost his queen in a dipYeah, she righted herselfStraightened out her slip and kicked him in the shinMiss Billy Begonia thinks she's hit the "Big time"She wants a thick red rug from the dressing room doorTo the front-line of the footlightsShe's got a sky blue swans down powder puffAnd a corset to keep her spirits upYeah, she don't sweatShe sours and melts like ice cream in the sunShe'll be out of a job at the end of this three week runWe're having fun out here on Panic BeachAll the vaudeville bums are here out on Panic BeachI hear them talk about the Palace but it's so far out of reachSo I'll do my time then say goodbye to Panic BeachGoodbye, goodbye, goodbyeThe visionary theatric strikes a juggler's seesaw tuneAnd the dying swan pirouettes and fawnsBy the light of the street lamp moonWhen my trunk is filled with taffetaThose "Big time" hacks won't laugh at usWhen my taps are made of silverI can make the kiddies thrill for just one buck and wingYeah, I will nail them to my heel and the Panic Choir singsHere comes a lucky little thing to Panic BeachYeah, you know we got to teach him how to singWhile we're stuck on Panic BeachAh the way ya hear 'em say it, doesn't seem so outta reachSo I'll do my time then say goodbye to Panic BeachGoodbye, goodbye, goodbyeWell, the landlord gets a free show every Saturday at sixSometimes on a SundayAll dependin' on whatever kinda mood he's inI keep his glass filled up with sherryAnd sing him all his favorite songsIf a tear comes to his eye he may let a month go byBefore he takes away my keyOh, that sherry starts to taste real good to meHey mama, look at me on Panic BeachI may be hungry but my rent is free up on Panic BeachYeah, I can almost see the palace no longer outta reachSo I'll do my time then say goodbye to Panic BeachGoodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Written by: Maria Mc Kee